Once Upon A Dream Photography | Mini Session Bundle Contract
  • Once Upon A Dream Mini Session Contract


    Please fill out the contract and submit it with your payment. Payment and signed online contract must be received in order to reserve your session time within the next 3 days. Please feel free to print a copy for yourself. Payments can be made by check/cash/PayPal. Cash can be dropped off at a time that is suitable for both parties. Please inquire on a time.

    Checks can be made payable to Jaimie Miserandino or Once Upon A Dream Photography and mailed to 695 Hanover Pike, Unit G, Hampstead, Maryland 21074. This is also the studio address.

    PayPal payments can be made online. Please submit payment to this account.


    Please feel free to contact us at any time for any specific questions or concerns. As most of our sessions are during the day, most emails get answered in late evenings. We try our best to answer all emails within a 24-48 hour time period.

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  • Client Portrait Agreement/Contract & Copyright

  • The stated date and time has been reserved for your photography session. Please understand you are reserving this particular time slot, not any particular length of time. It is the client’s responsibility to be on time, and ready to go at the beginning of the photo session. Your time begins at the time in which you are scheduled, not when you actually arrive. If you are not sure on how to get here, please do a test drive ahead of time. Also, just some advice, sometimes it’s great when a grandmom or aunt can come help get a little one to smile, etc, but if there are too many people trying to get baby to smile, they will frequently zone out and get overwhelmed. I will start by trying my best to get natural interactions with your little ones, and ask for help if needed! If too many people are off to the side trying to get baby to smile, your child will not be looking at the camera in any of the photos. We will work together to get that eye contact. I also have a great little assistant that kids love!

  • The deposit is nonrefundable and/or nontransferable if the Client cancels or changes the appointment. In certain cases, and at Once Upon A Dream’s discretion, the date or time of the session may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances, such as bad weather for outdoor shoots. The final decision to change and or reschedule any session date or time will be made at the sole discretion of the photographer. If outside sessions are cancelled due to weather, no refunds are provided. However, a new date/time will be provided or an inside session with print credit can also be used. If the Photographer cannot perform their duties the day of the session, for any reason, the Photographer will either refund the session fee deposit, or reschedule another date that works for both parties. If by some unforeseen circumstance, digital files are lost or damaged from a session, the Photographer agrees to redo the session at the Client’s request for free, and to provide a 50% discount to any orders made for that session.


    Client chooses dates for each half hour mini session. Dates will be approved by Once Upon A Dream. Packages and photos will be chosen right after the mini session. Mini Session Bundle will expire August 2018.

  • Parents/ Guardians will be responsible for the actions of their children at all times. Once Upon A Dream cannot be held liable for accidents that occur as a result of the parent or guardian not watching their child. In the case of newborns and small children, the parent(s) are many times asked to help be spotters, and need to be within reach of the child AT ALL TIMES to prevent falling, or any accident of any kind. The photographer will direct the parent as to where they need to be in order to get the best, and safest picture.

    **Important!! Some props in the studio are very fragile, so PLEASE do not allow the children to play on ANY props unless instructed to do so for photo purposes only!


    Preview and sneak peek photos are sometimes provided on facebook. The more you share and comment, the more sneak peeks you get posted! Once Upon A Dream holds all copyrights to photos taken. This means you CANNOT alter the photos at all. This includes not being able to scan, copy, download to a mobile device or personal computer, Instagram, taking a picture of your lab prints, or screenshooting your photos in any way. It also means that no photos can be used in contests without the prior permission from Once Upon A Dream, or converted to any other color variations. This is all a breech of copyright and illegal. If used as a profile pic, a link back to the original photo must be present. Most mini session ordering will be done on the day of the session, and payment will be due for any orders. If a mini session must be uploaded to a gallery instead of ordering the day of the session, instructions will be provided to the Client for choosing images.


    The Client shall assist and cooperate with the Photographer in obtaining the desired photographs. Mini sessions will have specific set ups and props provided. Mini Session ordering procedures may vary. No specific crops/enhancements/editing will be made to the photos. Since these are mini sessions, photos will be edited for color, etc, but no head swaps, extensive editing, etc will be provided. Those options are provided for full sessions only. The photos will then be put in a downloadable folder for you to download to your computer.


    ORDERING!!! This is very important. Ordering for mini sessions is different than a regular, full session. Mini session orders are done the day of the session, right after the photos are taken, and payment is required for what you purchase at that time. Packages typically start at $30, and go up from there. A minimum order of a print package will be mandatory before any other prints, products or digitals can be provided.

    No guarantees can be made that all set ups will be able to be photographed. If the Client does not provide ahead of time the shots they desire to achieve, it may not be possible the day of the session to achieve those shots. All children are different, and sometimes a session does not go as you would have hoped due to a sleepy child, or even a shy child. Sometimes, depending on the circumstance, a retake can be provided. Please consult the photographer for more information.

  • PLEASE READ! THIS IS IMPORTANT!! Please NO personal cameras or video cameras at the session. You have paid us to take your photos, so let us handle the photography! This includes any CELL PHONE cameras, video cameras, or tablets (or ipads) with photo or video taking capabilities. If a camera is present, or a photo is taken, we WILL have to request that the session conclude and that is a very awkward moment we would like to avoid. Cell phone pics taken during the session are not an accurate display of our work and should not be taken and/or posted.

  • MODEL RELEASE: The Photographer reserves the right to use images created under this contract for advertising, display, publication, promotions, competitions, or any other purpose it deems appropriate. I, as the Client, commission Once Upon A Dream Photography LLC, the photographer, to photograph myself and/or my underage children. I hereby grant Once Upon A Dream Photography LLC and her legal representatives and assigns, the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of myself, family, and/or child(ren), or in which myself, family, and/or children will be included for editorial, trade, advertising, and any other purpose and in any manner or medium; to alter the same without restriction; and to copyright the same. I hereby release Once Upon A Dream Photography LLC and her legal representatives and assigns from all claims and liability relating to said photographs. Photos from this session can be used on the Photographer’s website, portfolio, facebook page, blog, etc. Photos can also be shared with Photographer’s vendors for their use if their items appear in the photos, as modeling photos. Clients understand their photos are only used in good taste, and will receive no compensation for any use of their photographs.


    Waiver of Liability : Client expressly releases the Photographer, her employees, and agents from all claims, damages, and liabilities that may result from accidents or incidents that occur during the portrait session. This waiver of liability includes waiver of any claim that may be a result of negligence. All parents of children are asked to be in close proximity to their children at all times, and the utmost care in safety is taken at all times.


    COPYRIGHT: As a client of Once Upon A Dream Photography LLC, I acknowledge and understand that the images taken by Once Upon A Dream Photography LLC, PHOTOGRAPHER; Jaimie Miserandino, are protected by Federal Copyright Laws. I understand it is ILLEGAL to copy or reproduce these photographs elsewhere without the PHOTOGRAPHER's permission, and violaters of this Federal Law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties. A limited PRINT RELEASE is supplied with the purchase of digital images, so you can print your portraits for your own personal use. The print release does not allow publication of your portraits (i.e. entering in contests), selling or altering your images without the PHOTOGRAPHER's permission. Reproduction includes, but is not limited to scanning, downloading, right-clicking, emailing, saving to harddrive, posting on websites or blogs, photocopying, obtaining screen shots, or printing in any manner. I agree to honor the copyright laws as stated in this agreement. You also acknowledge that any sneak peeks provided on any social media, such as facebook or twitter, are also copyrighted and can only be used as a profile pic, or shared on your page if Once Upon A Dream Photography is tagged and the photo is not cropped or altered in any way. This includes, but is not limited to adding text, changing color of image, using instagram filters, or cropping off the logo. You can tag the facebook page in shares or posts by using the link www.facebook.com/onceuponadreamphotos

  • Just a note. All sales are final once you view and order your mini session photos. There are no refunds or exchanges unless an error is made on the part of the Photographer, so please make sure when making your order, you ensure the image numbers of the ones you are ordering are correct. If you choose to view/order additional photos at a different time, there is a $25 reupload fee.

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