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girlsupdated11-2014bwgirlsupdated11-2014bw ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER:

I have been photographing newborns, children, seniors and families since 2008.  In my younger years, I earned my degree in education and worked with children for about 10 years.  I have always LOVED working with children.  Their spirit, their personalities and their energy just amaze me!  I've been asked before what my favorite age to work with is, and that's a tough question to answer!  I always thought it was the toddlers and preschoolers, but within a very short time, I fell in love with working with newborns.  I absolutely love posing them, catching a quick smile, and just watching the parents' faces in amazement when their baby is placed in a perfect little pose.  I also really love the chunky little 6-9 month olds when they are just learning to sit up and really get their personalities, they are so much fun at that age.  And I have to admit, watching babies smash and destroy a gorgeous cake really makes me happy too :)  My favorite family sessions are outside sessions.  Studio sessions for families are nice, but there is just so much more that you can capture in outside family sessions.  The love parents show for their little ones in these sessions is a pure joy to be part of.  So, I guess, you can say that (1) I'm a little indecisive or (2) I love every little bit of my "job".  Ok, or (3) all of the above :)

I have 3 girls of my own, ages 15, 12, and 9..  They and their daddy are my complete world.  I know it's cliche to say, but I honestly never knew you could love anyone else so much.  My oldest is basically my apprentice/assistant, making the shy babies laugh at her antics, cleaning up cake smash sessions (yes, and stealing a sneak bite of the cake, too), and even has developed an interest in taking and editing photos lately (which makes Mommy so proud!).  My other two girls love to play in the studio, making their own "sets" to photograph each other!  They make me laugh every single day.  Well, they make me cry sometimes too....and scream...but I still love them so much!

You'll also find me answering emails, editing, posting and such very late at night and into the wee hours of the morning.  I often get asked if I ever sleep....well, not really!  But, I like being a night owl ~ but that being said, you most likely won't find me up at the crack of dawn either!  I'll stick to sunset shoots, instead of sunrise shoots!
The newest addition to the studio routine is that my oldest daughter, Olivea, joins me for the majority of my sessions.  She is our photographer in training!  She LOVES kids, and does a great job working with the little ones when they are just done with us!  She also helps get them to laugh, and helps with posing and such with newborns and toddlers.  She has been a huge part of this studio for the past two years. Sometimes I think I couldn't make it all run without her help.  Homeschool for the win, to allow her to help me in the studio too!
Please feel free to email me or call me anytime with questions!  I will honestly say email is the BEST and quickest way to get ahold of me.  With 3 girls and sessions all day, sometimes returning a phone call the same day can be hard!  I can't wait to meet new faces ~ please feel free to ask any questions you may have about a session for you, your child or your family :)

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